Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

We headed up to Atlanta last weekend for Nessies' birthday and spent Saturday morning finding treasure after treasure at many garage and estate sales.

In addition to finding some really fun stuff, we met some super nice and interesting people, were able to pet some outgoing kitties, and ate some delicious handmade popsicles from the King of Pops.  If you're in Atlanta, he sells from the intersection by Videodrome (a great local videostore).

One of our favorite finds was this painting of a man lounging in a dress that we picked up from a townhouse community sale.  The seller told us that it always reminded him of a friend named Lloyd, so we dubbed him Queen Lloyd and gave him dominion over our living room.  The seller (a really nice guy who was giving all his books away since he believes that knowledge should be shared) assumed that we were just buying the painting for the frame, and we were quick to tell him how amazing we thought the picture is.

Another great find of the day was a sweet collection of old Vice magazines along with two Vice-related books.  We live in a small town that does not have this free monthly guide to fashion, music, and trash.  Definitely exciting.  At the same sale, we also picked up some DVDs like a Mastodon (rock!) live disc and John Carpenter's "They Live," one of my very favorite movies from the 1980s for my brother in law (I already have a copy).

The most random thing that we wound up with was this record by Max Webster.  I don't know who/what Max Webster is, but I knew that I had to own a record that features a man wearing a shiny, gold unitard, skullet, and white leather boots.  I still haven't listened to it (and may not), but this cover causes my sickometer to rise!  The back cover shows the cover model leaping through the air with his guitar while flames emit from his hands!  Hot indeed!

Our next roadtrip will involve an unholy trinity of dubious taste in the form of Medieval Times (the historically questionable dinner and show experience that pairs sword fights with Pepsi products), the newly redone Cabbage Patch Kids nursery and hospital (a life-changing experience if you have never been), and the Alpine City of Helen, an "authentic" German village built on a Georgia mountainside in the 1960s that channels German culture into souvenir lederhosen shops and faux biergartens.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I believe the artist is Botero. I went to an exhibit of his once and it's definitely his style.