Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project Runway!

We just finished watching the season 7 finale of Project Runway and loved it!  
To be honest, we don't really watch much reality TV except for this show and maybe Top Design.  Oh, and Celebrity Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, Girls Next Door, Jersey Shore (what, it's awesome!), and Big Brother.  Holy moly, do we love Big Brother!  So much that we have started watching the British celebrity BB seasons (Stephen Baldwin and Sisqo becoming friends!) to get our fix until the new American season airs this summer.  I guess we are reality junkies after all.

Anyway, back to Project Runway - I won't say anything about the winner or final three contestants in case you haven't seen it yet so as not to be a spoiler, but there were some surprises and lots of amazing clothes.  Other than Christian Siriano in season 5, I think this was the strongest bunch from the recent seasons. 

There wasn't quite as much juicy drama as there could have been, but we haven't seen the reunion show yet, so you never know lol. Who was your favorite designer this time around other than Ping (since she automatically gets the wtf weird vote)?

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